iOS 11 is now available, with a multitude of changes and improvements


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Apple has begun to distribute all compatible devices to the update to iOS 11, and there are few. All devices for five years now receive this, which is the iPhone 5s onwards, and also includes the iPad 5th and later, as well as the iPod Touch 6th generation. It is a download that can reach 2 GB, although it will vary depending on the device.

As in previous versions, there are some features that will not work on some models, such as True Tone screen, split screen mode for applications – for lack of power of the iPad Air processors or the iPad Mini 2-, the ProMotion feature requires a 120 Hz screen like those of the iPad Pro of 2017, or the detection of the digital pen of the iPad Pro. Moreover, in the iPhone there are no notable absences of features in this version, although applications that make use of the ARKit of augmented reality will require a modern processor with GPU in conditions, like the one of A9 and later.

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iOS 11 is more of an update than setting what is already there and correcting security flaws rather than introducing major changes. There are new options for freeing up space on the iPhone, slight design changes across all native applications, or a new App Store application to highlight more content on a daily basis rather than being a showcase of apps almost without giving cause for concern. why they are there.

One important change is that 32-bit applications move to better life. From now on, all applications running on iOS 11 are 64-bit, so resources are recovered from the system by not having to keep 32- and 64-bit compilers in memory. The Control Center has been redesigned to allow more customization of the icons displayed.

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iPad will display a Dock with the ability to display more applications, and accessible from any application by sliding the finger from the bottom edge up. The multitasking window has also been redesigned, and for example content can be carried between applications that share the screen by simply dragging it from one to another, and the system keyboard has been given a review to improve its functionality – the alternative character will be introduced by sliding down on a key.

There are many small changes, it is better to go exploring little by little, or read the extraordinarily thorough dissection to the iOS 11 dizziness that Ars Technica has performed.

Source Ars Technica

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