Elon Musk: “We need to build a base on the Moon”


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It is incredible the ability that has Elon Musk to offer us headlines, every time he opens his mouth the world goes crazy. But the really important thing is that it is not about any crazy talking about absurd things, but about a madman who has shown that he can realize those things that seemed absurd to us.

The CEO recently participated in the International Space Station (ISS) Research and Development Conference in Washington, DC. Where Elon Musk take the opportunity to update their projects with SpaceX as the launch of the Falcon Heavy and the tests with the new Dragon capsule. But within all of this there is something that caught the attention: Musk says that the time has come to think about building a base on the Moon.

It is necessary to stimulate the public interest in the space: Elon Musk

For Musk it is curious how very few people are interested in what happens in space, there are even people who do not even know we have a space station. “We need people to understand how cool the ISS is.”

For this reason, the executive believes that a base on the moon would make all the sense of the world, as it would create new business opportunities, such as satellite internet and terrestrial observation tasks, as well as tunneling machines capable of exploring the satellite to extract minerals .

“If you want the audience to wake up and take an interest
in space travel, you have to put a base on the Moon.
This would be the continuation of the dream
(of the Apollo missions).”

The first Falcon Heavy is intended to explode

Elon Musk also took advantage of the conference to update us about the launch and testing of the Falcon Heavy, which will be SpaceX’s most powerful rocket to date, where it was clear: “It is very likely that it will explode after the launch.”

The Falcon Heavy has proved to be a challenge for SpaceX engineers, more than they had thought at first, even Musk mentions that they were “pretty naive” when they started with the planning. The rocket will have a total of 27 powerful engines in a configuration that is equivalent to three Falcon 9 rockets attached, so there is a high risk.

The executive believes that the first launch test, scheduled for this 2017, will be a failure and will not even reach Earth orbit, but he expects it to at least go far enough to not cause damage to the launch pad, which would be considered A success for him and his team.

Elon Musk is convinced that the Falcon Heavy will be a very important vehicle in the history of space travel, so it is necessary to fail and do all the tests that are necessary, since on the ground it is difficult to know if they are on the right track.

The Dragon V2 capsule bounces off its propellers

Another issue that is now on the table are the tests for the Dragon V2 capsule, which has now changed its name to ‘Dragon Crew‘ to emphasize its personal transportation capabilities. SpaceX is testing the new automatic coupling system with which it would not be necessary to use the ISS robotic arm.

On the other hand, SpaceX has just eliminated the landing function by means of propellers, with which it was thought that the capsule could descend to the surface on Earth or Mars, without the need for parachutes and very much in the style that it currently does The Falcon 9.

The capsule will be “technically” capable of using these capabilities, but right now it will not be a development that is pursued in the face of the final release. These capabilities now require tremendous effort and testing from the perspective of security, so it is not something that can stop the rest of development.

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