Android O team responds: this is Project Treble, SafetyNet and more


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Android developers have answered questions from across the community, and some of the answers are quite interesting.

The Android development team has been answering questions from the community, and we bring you the most interesting answers they have given in the thread.

Although sometimes you can forget, behind Android there are people. A whole team of programmers, technicians, engineers, designers, and many others who are in charge of advancing the operating system of Google. Without them nothing would be advanced, we would not have updates or news to tell you. Hence his work is so important.

This team that develops Android has wanted to talk to the developer community of Android. And for that they have opened an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. In the, and before the questions of the community, have given answers on the future of Android. And here we tell you what are the most interesting answers.

SafetyNet is not going anywhere


One of the main complaints of users has been the presence of SafetyNet. As you know, SafetyNet is a system of Google that detects if we have done root or our device is modified. And some applications, such as Android Pay or Netflix, use this system to check if our device is intact, not working if it detects changes.

According to the Android team, SafetyNet is there for a security reason: to know if a device may have been hacked without the user’s knowledge. They recognize that it can be inconvenient for expert users, but they defend themselves by indicating that it is the application that decides whether to use SafetyNet or not. And as an example they say that SafetyNet is not necessary for a video with DRM to be reproduced; The hardware of the phone can check that the protection works, having root or not.

Android themes will arrive

Although there have also been many users and developers who have asked about introducing themes on Android. That is open the possibility of changing the appearance of the system simply and safely, without having to modify the system or follow strange steps. And apparently that is something that interests a lot the team of Android developers.

The problem, according to them, is that there are many technical and logistical problems to fully open the possibility. Sony solved many by posting RRO, but it remains to develop APIs that describe what can be modified with themes, or verify that applications are compatible with themes.

Android O changes apps completely

The big updates of Android usually bring great changes, we are already accustomed to it. But Android O, in the words of the Android team is such a big change for the applications model that has not seen anything like it since Android 1.0.

The big change they are talking about are the restrictions imposed by Doze from Android O applications. Developers feel that these new rules are pushing them too much, while Google imposes them to ensure that the user will not have problems.

Project Treble will help update phones

We already knew that Project Treble will speed up the update of devices with Android, saving work to the marks so that they can launch updates faster. The case is that Android developers have given more details on how Project Treble advances.

They say they are working with device and chip manufacturers to introduce the necessary AOSP modifications. This would reduce the complexity and cost of upgrading to a new version of Android. They have also commented that any phone that comes out with Android O will have Treble activated yes or yes.

Android O will improve the sound through Bluetooth

Android has dragged some issues with Bluetooth audio. In Android N the experience is still not too good, users find themselves with a lot of problems. But Google seems to recognize that these problems exist, and the Android team has fixed many of them in Android O. According to their tests, the reliability of Bluetooth audio is now much higher than in Nougat.

Android O: just a technical improvement for Android Wear

Android Wear 2.0 was a disaster for smart watches: it took forever to arrive, and when it came broke a lot of things. The arrival of Android O to the clocks will not bring any great news, and will focus on introducing technical improvements that fix these problems and improve aspects such as battery life. They also comment that they will give more control over the notifications that appear in the watch.

Android O will not have desktop mode at the moment

Finally, some users have asked if we will see on Android an “Samsung DeX official“. In other words, a desktop mode to be connected to a large screen. Unfortunately, the Android team has no plans to integrate something like this at this time. The only thing they are doing in this regard is to develop the floating window mode.

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