Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband, Is this the evolution of Mi Band 2?

A couple of weeks ago Xiaomi presented in collaboration with Huami a new line of Wearables products for sports and exercise, ranging from Smartbands, to sports flannels, to smart clocks and even a sonic toothbrush called OClean One. However, many fans were expecting to meet the successor of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, but this did not happen and instead we received the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband, a quantitative bracelet that could well be its evolution. This bracelet is a competent tool to monitor various aspects of our health and makes suggestions to improve it based on the data collected, interesting is not it? Now let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer:

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: General Features

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband consists of advanced features and is capable of performing detailed assessments of the user’s health status. It focuses on the monitoring of parameters such as cardiovascular health index, fatigue level, heart rate, sleep quality, exercise time, among other aspects.

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband also makes suggestions to improve your health based on the evaluations and data collected; Through the application for iOS and Android we will be able to monitor our health 24 hours a day, it is also possible to share these results with our family or friends and also allows you to check theirs, all from the comfort of our Smartphones.


This Smartband sports a design that we can not avoid comparing with the one of the Mi Band 2, although we do not misunderstand, the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband has its own personality. The bracelet itself consists of a 0.4-inch OLED touch screen, has dimensions of 23.00 x 1.00 x 1.20 cm and is extremely lightweight, barely weighs about 10 grams. The strap is adjustable, can measure between 160 to 214 millimeters in length and has a width of 19 millimeters.

The bracelet is made of medical grade materials that are friendly to the skin, the sensor or electrode is made of 316L stainless steel and the body of a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, on the other hand, the strap is made of TPU plastic . It is of vital importance to mention that the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband receives the degree of IP67 certification, therefore it is resistant to dust and water, so it is possible to shower or wash hands without fear of damaging it; That, to submerge it to more than a meter is another story.


Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: Features

This device of Xiaomi counts on the presence of a ECG Chip, which measures the bio-electrical signals of the heart; It is an electrocardiogram sensor capable of performing detailed evaluations with precision and efficiency, so it is more advanced than a simple heart rate sensor. As expected, the bracelet has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to synchronize it with a Smartphone and visualize the statistics on it, and of course, we will need to download an APP for it.

Another feature that comes out of this great product of Xiaomi is the battery of 95mAh, which coupled with the low consumption of the Chip, promises a duration of up to 7 whole days, all in order to provide a constant monitoring of the health status of the user.

Functions of the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband

As mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband consists of a wide range of functions and monitoring options that can be viewed through the AMAZFIT mobile application with iOS and Android. All registered information is synchronized automatically and in real time.


  • Heart rate and variability: In addition to quantifying the heart rate, the band detects when fatigue levels affect the user’s health and is even able to send alerts when the risk of a heart attack increases.
  • Measurement of cardiac abnormalities: The bracelet stores the abnormal measurements and synchronizes them with the application, which can be very useful for the diagnosis of a doctor.

  • Automatic detection of changes in heart rate: The Smartband monitors heart rate changes throughout the day and judges the health condition of the user with a detailed evaluation.
  • Pedometer: This feature can never be missed, it simply records physical activity and related data such as distance traveled and calories burned.
  • Sleep monitor: monitor the quality and time of your sleep.
  • Exercise Center: The application makes exercise recommendations after obtaining an assessment of our fitness.

  • Family Health Facts: After adding family and friends to the mobile application, you can visualize your health status and start taking care of them more closely, this is very useful for those who have people in your care.

Technical specifications of the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband

Dimensions 23.00 x 1.00 x 1.20 cm
Weight 10 grams
Colors Black, Blue and Brown
Belt Materials TPU
IP protection IP67 (Water Resistant)
Screen 0.4 inch OLED
Functions Heart rate sensor, Daily activity monitoring, Oled display pedometer, moving notices, Smartphone notifications, sleep monitor, cardiovascular health index.
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 95mAh (lasts up to 7 days)
Compatibility Android / iOS
Sensors Heart rate sensor, ECG + PPG chip

Availability and price of the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband

You can purchase the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband through Gearbest.com, although it is currently in its pre-sale phase and costs $ 139.99. However, when there are more purchase options we will add them to this entry.

Buy Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband at Gearbest

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