Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is now official: Project Neon becomes Fluent Design

The Build 2017 conference was held in Redmond yesterday has served to officially announceyesterday the next major update of Windows 10, which will be called Fall Creators Update.

The improvements that come to the operating system are again focused on the field of creativity, but we also have new developments in the field of productivity. However, one of the notable surprises is the introduction of the so-called Fluent Design, the new design language that until now we had known as Project Neon.

Fall Creators Update: Working in mixed environments, one of the keys

Among the new features in productivity is one that will allow you to use a clipboard in the cloud where you can copy all kinds of elements even from services and applications that run on Android and iOS phones and then resume that work on a Windows device. The idea is analogous to what Apple has long proposed with its Sierra Universal Clipboard.

Also comes the new Timeline that works similarly to recovering windows and tabs in browsers. The difference is that instead of recovering tabs and windows closed, we recover applications and workspaces that we were using on our PC or other devices. The idea, again, is to be able to change device or machine to work and enjoy transparently.

However one of the most obvious changes will be the one we see in the Windows interface itself, which recovers the transparency effects of older versions of the operating system (do you remember Aero?) With Project Neon, or as it has been officially christened, Fluent Design . We have already seen how in the last compilations of Windows 10 began to appear some applications of Windows with that new interface, but in the Fall Creators Update the integration of these improvements will be much greater.

There will be many more innovations in that future update that despite the name is more ambitious than the name wants to name: the new design language, improvements in productivity and ambition to work in mixed environments in which iOS, Android and Windows 10 intermix could boost the versatility of an operating system that keeps gaining integers. As the name suggests, it will arrive this fall, although there is no specific date for the moment.

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