Wiko U Feel Prime, Review: French Budget phone that not for India

The French company Wiko has long been making its way in Spain amidst the tide of telephones flooding the market, trying to repeat the success it has in its home country. Wiko has made a curious choice of components and features for the U Feel Prime, included in the software section, but that works quite well for most users.

Design and hardware

The U Feel Prime is a phone made of metal, although the enclosure that attaches the screen to the casing is made of plastic. The phone has a good feel, but the front is simple and does not stand out in itself. The screen has thick side frames, and the physical start button on the bottom, which also acts as a fingerprint reader, is bordered by a silver embellishment.

The sides of the casing are rounded and that makes it a very comfortable phone to pick up, and it is not very noticeable, which are two points in your favor in the usability section.

The speaker and microphone are located on the bottom of the phone, with a five-hole grid on each side, and in the middle is the micro-USB 2.0 connector, compatible with OTG, for data loading and transfer. On the right side are placed the power and volume buttons, and on the left the tray of SIM cards. The second SIM shares space with the micro-SD, so you have to choose what you want to use, although the 32 GB of storage available to the phone is more than enough for the buyer to whom the U Feel Prime is oriented.

At the top is the 3.5 mm connector. The lens of the rear camera is centred, and underneath is placed two flash LED’s. A huge sticker with IMEI and phone model data is located at the bottom, and it would be advisable to remove it and keep it with the box because it rather catches the phone. It can be easily removed.

Wiko’s logo on the back is embossed, and it’s an aspect that I do not really like. By the way I pick up the phones, it’s just where the index finger rests, and it’s not particularly nice to be passing your finger across that relief. I also consider these types of hollows are a claim to dirt.

In favour of the design, it is very little sliding, and the protruding rear camera takes care of it. The phone does not have an ambient light sensor, which for the price it seems a strange oblivion by Wiko. The phone includes a 5-inch screen of IPS type of quite quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a Snapdragon 430, and 4 GB of RAM. The wifi is 802.11 b / g / n, has Bluetooth 4.0 and its LTE is compatible with bands 1, 3, 7 and 20, which are the ones that are used mainly in Spain, not in other Countries. And its not working great in India.

Overall it is comfortable to use, not overly large, but it is at the limit of how manageable. The feel of the aluminium is pleasant, and although it is not especially light in the hand, it does not become heavy after a while of use. The appearance of the phone is generally positive.


This phone comes with a 4GHz quad-core 1.4 GHz Snapdragon 430 processor, which is enough to smoothly move the interface and everyday applications, but it is far from being the most powerful on the market. Even so it is a good processor, and for example can behave in certain situations just like Snapdragon 808 Nexus 5X, although in tasks that are single-step can be harmed. The 4 GB of RAM will be a great help for fluency.

Geekbench 4, Test

Geekbench 4, multiCore

It is more interesting to see the running performance of JavaScript, which shows that despite these eight cores, the Snapdragon 430 is among the most inexpensive processors of phones, around 150 to 180 dollars, and not a phone 250 dollars Although it is made of good aluminium and has other remarkable features.


The GPU of the U Feel Prime is an Adreno 505, which again we come to the situation that is a mid-range processor. It is not a GPU to play, and less with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that the phone has. Even so, and taking that into account, the Adreno 505 is a powerful graphics but is better accompanied by 720p screens to achieve greater fluidity in 3D graphics.


The screen of the U Feel Prime is of quite quality in terms of colour reproduction, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in its 5 inches. The screen itself is one of the best claims of this phone, although its maximum brightness – and the lack of an ambient light sensor – can make it difficult to use outdoors, causing nothing to be seen on the screen if it gives the light Direct from the sun, as I usually do when I go out on the terrace to make the flower photos with which I usually accompany the telephone analyses. The screen also has problems with reflections, so in videos that are mostly dark, during the day can be difficult to see or be annoying.

Wifi, LTE, GPS, storage and sound

This phone includes 802.11 b / g / n type wifi from an antenna, and works only in the 2.4 GHz band with a maximum speed of 150 Mbps. The following measures have been taken using the iperf3 application with a server PC Connected via Ethernet to the router, and with a 4×4 802.11 ac MU-MIMO wifi network.

The results of Wiko’s U Feel Prime are pretty basic with 52 Mbps (6.5 MB/s) transfer, but I have not noticed problems downloading files or installing applications on the phone, so there is no problem. It can be for those who use the wifi network to pass movies or series to the phone, but it is not my case, and it is always connected by USB to the PC, although transfers between devices wifi – phone to, for example – large files can carry A little more than what the user would like.

The phone has no problems receiving LTE signal or coverage (Khas kr k Jio Network), and is generally heard well. It uses bands 1, 3, 7 and 20, the most frequent in Spain (Not in India), so that unless you go to small towns or cities should always have coverage of LTE. I have not noticed problems with the use of the GPS system, with the usual errors of a few meters usual of this technology.

In the storage section, the phone has 32 GB, and interestingly is a fairly fast storage for what is usual. This brings a greater sense of fluency in the terminal, despite the choice of a Snapdragon 430 for 250 dollars phones but, combined with the expansion by micro-SD card, make a combination that works quite well.

The loudspeaker of the phone is very powerful and allows to raise almost to the maximum without distortions, and the quality of the sound is good although it can be a bit cold if you have a good ear for the music. The sound quality of the headphones is equally good, and are aspects that Wiko has not trimmed.

The fingerprint reader is fast, but it is not the fastest I have ever tested, but it recognises fingerprints well at first.


The phone includes a battery of 3,000 mAh, which is enough to last a couple of days with light use, although it has a high consumption in the background if some of the services that come pre-installed as the news are activated. But no problem getting to the end of the day and that’s about for the next day. The phone needs to be recharged with a wall charger as recharging via USB 3.0 tends to be excessively slow. Otherwise, there is no feature to highlight the phone in this section. Sala pura Bakwas.


The rear camera is 13 megapixels, and provides good pictures under the right conditions. With good light is a fast camera and you do not need to touch any parameter to use it, although it tends to saturate a little certain colors like red, although nothing that makes them look bad or unreal images.

In low light situations it is necessary to take a little time to adjust the brightness, the image capture may take a little, and you can introduce the usual noise in the photos or you can see the edges more defined the account. The digital image stabilisation system can lead to blurry photos being taken, so you have to have a bit more pulse than would be normal on phone around this price of 250 dollars. Flash is better to flee, as with the vast majority of phones, including high-end.

But, in general, once parameters are set or used in good light conditions, the photos are of good quality and capture a lot of detail – as you can see in the previous photo of flowers with a grid behind. It does not take photos at a professional level as a phone of 500 dollars, but can be used for photo albums.


U Feel Prime includes pre-installed Android 6.0, with a layer of company customisation that does not include excessive unnecessary serial applications. It includes, for example, the News Republic series, which, if configured well, can provide interesting news notifications, but in the medium term it becomes tiring. (But mere kaam ka kuch bhi nhi hai….!)

Wiko includes tools for managing the dual SIM card that allows the phone, one of the holes shared with the micro-SD. Another application allows you to restrict access to certain applications, and other applications are bloatware like Zenly, to locate contacts on a map. This type of systems is that in the end nobody uses them, and they have a lot more sense for parents. Personally, I do not want my friends to know where I am at any moment. Another application called Total Clean allows one touch to close all applications and free memory processes, which is actually the one that I found more useful than those that come pre-installed.

The interface is simple and very tight to the default of Android, so in this aspect there is no catch to put to Wiko.


Wiko has made a curious choice of features in the U Feel Prime, which although a priori may seem strange or that will not work, yes they end up doing. The Snapdragon 430 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage are more than enough for the average user’s needs, and coupled with fast storage make the phone run smoothly.

The camera is good and, as I said, you can make quality photos although dedicating in some cases a while to familiarise yourself with the software that includes and the specific features of the camera. The autonomy is decent, but it is missing that could be recharged faster from USB ports. The design is effective at the same time as simplistic, and although it does not stand out if it compares with others of superior range, yes that does it with which it has to compete.

Ager India se ho ya Asia se to n lo to hi accha hai…!

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