Voyo VBook A1 Review: A Notebook that can be rotated 360 degrees

The company Voyo has always shown us products of great quality with its so famous feature of being 2 in 1, Laptop and Tablet at the same time, running simultaneously with a spectacular synergy, such as with your model Voyo VBook V3, that is why We have a great indication of its quality.

Our guest today has already been with us before, in a quick offer, so he did not receive the dedication he deserved, but today will be the protagonist of this section, the Voyo VBook A1, a Notebook 2 in 1.

Voyo VBook A1 Review: Box

The Voyo VBook A1 comes in a white box with the company logo in blue located in the upper right corner. It has dimensions of 34.00 x 24.60 x 10.60 cm and a weight of 2.250 kg. In it we have what it takes to enjoy our new acquisition:

  • 1x Voyo VBook A1
  • 1x User Manual in English
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Stylus

Voyo VBook A1 Review: Design

The Voyo VBook A1 has a rectangular design with rounded edges, is available in 4 colors, orange, champagne, soft orange and gold champagne, a great variety of options that will undoubtedly be a big plus. It has dimensions of 29.00 x 19.60 x 1.60 cm and a weight of 1.20 kg. Its casing is made entirely of plastic, usually the products of this category show us metallic housings but this is the exception.

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On the left side, in the following order, from left to right, the USB 2.0 port, the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Sim card slot, the volume control buttons and the on / off switch Of the keyboard, although the latter is to exercise the function manually since depending on the rotation we give the Notebook this will turn it off or automatically turn on.

On the right hand side we have the LED light that tells us when the Notebook is being loaded, then we have the charging port, the USB 3.0 port, the micro HDMI port and finally the SD card slot.

At the bottom we can see the intel logo, as well as the speakers that are located on the left and right side, giving us a good stereo sound, we also have the rubber bases that are located in each of the corners, which serve to give Greater support and better ventilation.

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To finish in the front, right in above the screen, in the centre, we located the camera, it is 2MP, but with good lighting we can make quite decent video calls.

Voyo VBook A1 Review: Screen

The Voyo VBook A1 has a capacitive screen of 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (FHD), to this we add that we have IPS technology, by its acronym in English (In-Plane Switching). Being low-cost products that enjoy this technology do not significantly increase its price. With this type of screen we can enjoy very sharp and vivid colours, greatly improving the quality of the images.

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Voyo VBook A1 Review: Hardware

The Voyo VBook A1 has a very exemplary performance, this is due to the technical section that integrates it, in this way not only shows us its exterior beauty, but also its inner beauty. We have an Intel APOLLO LAKE N3450, 1.1GHz, Quad Core, 2MB cache, Intel Graphics 500, 4GB DDRL3 RAM, 32GB eMMC ROM, expandable with an SD card up to 128GB and in case we need more Space we can add a 512GB SD card by inserting it directly into the hard drive.

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We have a lithium polymer battery of 12000mAh, which assures us a life time with a maximum use of 8 hours, this is understood to be connected to the Internet playing video games for the aforementioned time uninterrupted. With 5 hours of charge we will have our battery at 100%.

Voyo VBook A1 Review: Operating System

The Voyo VBook A1 works with Windows 10 operating system, which includes the PC mode and Tablet mode, both are well balanced, and each one gives us its own functions that will improve the user experience to a great extent and thanks to this we can enjoy A truly fluid performance.

Voyo VBook A1 Review: Wireless

The Voyo VBook A1 offers us a great section when it comes to staying connected to the network, to start we have WiFi 5G 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac which is 3 times faster than the average. We can also insert a SIM card with which we can access the Internet when we do not have WiFi, and we can not overlook the Bluetooth version 4.0, which will allow us to transfer and receive files faster, more stable and with less power consumption .

Voyo VBook A1 Review: 4 models to work

The Voyo VBook A1 has a feature that makes it stand out as a product 2 in 1, and is the possibility to rotate it up to 360 degrees to get the position we want, thanks to this originate 4 modes with which we can interact with the first Of them we can use it as if it were a Tablet, the second gives us a better angle, the third continues to facilitate the use of the screen and the fourth mode opens the function of Laptop.

A real jewel in our hands

The Voyo VBook A1 is a Notebook with an endless number of functions, each one better than the previous one, to begin with we can turn it to the position that we like the most, whether as Tablet, Laptop or an intermediate between both. We have a wide range of colors, the inclusion of a stylus in the package that undoubtedly gives added value, an excellent technical section that gives us a first performance and lastly an excellent Internet connection. That is why the Voyo VBook A1 is a jewel that deserves to be in our hands.

Voyo VBook A1: Pros

  • Convertible Design
  • Full HD display
  • Large ROM capacity

Voyo VBook A1: Cons

  • Poor camera with poor lighting

Where to buy it?

We have this incredible price at Gearbest.com where we can purchase the Voyo VBook A1 for only $ 324.63. But this is not everything, since we have an offer that offers us to purchase an accessory depending on the price of the product that we are acquiring, in this case if the product exceeds 100 $ we will have the offer to obtain a free accessory of a value of 9,99 $, like any offer, this has a time limit, so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it. Then we will leave the link of purchase of the available accessories and the one of the Voyo VBook A1 in case they are interested:

Buy Voyo VBook A1 from GearBest.com
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