UK prepares a plan to remove the most polluting diesel engines from its roads

The UK is currently facing some changes in the landscape of its mobility and is doing so rather gradually. Until now, it was the London capital where most of the news related to its famous tolls to the most polluting cars arrived, and in particular, with diesel engines.

However, the national authorities are also considering joining the crusade against this type of propellants and the fuel that feeds them, as well as some European countries such as France. And although the plan they prepare does not seem as radical as others, it could considerably threaten the survival of the most polluting vehicles in the country.

At the moment, the British media have been able to squeeze that the old diesel vehicles will be the ones who suffer the scourge, not of the total prohibition, but of a new tax penalty plan that will deprive them besides the access to certain zones within the United Kingdom.

In return, to try to solve the dilemma that this entails, they will offer an aid that is estimated at 2,000 pounds for the delivery of polluting vehicles. The plan and its details will not be final until well into the summer.

We can not ignore the importance of these measures in a market like the British, and is that the United Kingdom is the second European country where diesel engines have more presence. However, there are already begin to register falls in the demand of this type of vehicles. In April, for example, sales were reduced by 27% compared to the same period of the previous year. This contrasts at the same time with the gradual boom of the electric cars, with special attention to the one of the plugs, that continue with its escalation of registrations there.

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