Tim Cook praises globalization from a conference in China

Tim Cook recently participated in the China Development Forum 2017, an event held in Beijing in which the CEOs of Siemens or IBM also met and met with senior government officials. The purpose of the meetings: to discuss China’s economic evolution and its relations with the rest of the world.

And Apple CEO took advantage of his speech to talk about the advantages of globalisation, noting that there is an unfair distribution of economic and cultural gains that should be solved. Cook avoided friction with a Chinese government that closed many things out of the rest of the world, but still the contrast was clear: Apple defends investment operations globally.

“The worst thing we could do is make less global investment”

The Wall Street Journal (via MacRumors) has this excerpt from Cook’s talk:

“I think the worst thing we could do is say [global investment] is a bad thing and make it less. I think the reality is that countries that isolate themselves from the rest of the world … are not good for their people.”

This can also be read as a wake-up call to Donald Trump and his America First strategy, against the most free circulation of money and talent around the world. A few weeks ago we saw Foxconn considering opening US factories, but at the same time Apple will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development centres in China.

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Tim Cook also touched on the issue of privacy, wanting to defend it against China’s censorship of protecting individual users and also touching the tools the CIA had to enter into the personal devices of consumers. Apple’s position is clear: customers have to be guaranteed the encryption of their data so that no one else can read them.

Cook will sleep a few more days in China. Next Monday he has a meeting with Xu Lin, director of the China Cyberspace Administration. And that is what we know: do not discard meetings in secret with other companies and entities.

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