Support for notifications arrives at the Fitbit app and beta testers on Windows 10 Mobile

In January we announced how Microsoft were preparing to support GATT and give a boost to the use of wearable, a type of device that seems not going through its best moment with sales more than modest (especially in the Smartwatches).

And the arrival of support for Bluetooth GATT Server was of great importance for users who had a wearable, allowing them to make use of the system of notifications by the applications. These can access them to make the shipment to wearable so that if we receive a call, a message … appear on our bracelet, watch …
And Fitbit was the first company to update its application with support for GATT. An update available that yes, only for the users who in their day were signed up to the program of bettas of Fitbit. In this way you can download the latest Insider Fast version with support for notifications.

The new version is numbered 2.19.983.0 and since it is a version for beta-testers offers a section to communicate the feedback that produces the use of it. It is intended that the users communicate any problem, failure or special circumstance that affects the operation of the app.

Users who install this compilation should, however take into account two points. For a place that for that to work they must authorise the access to the notifications that appears with a dialog in the same app. On the other hand this version has malfunctions in the Build 15055 so that if you are Beta-tester of Fitbit and you have installed it may at some point some function does not run correctly.

We hope that Fitbit does not take long to release this application to a public version and that other manufacturers are encouraged to do the same, as one of the star utilities of wearable is precisely the notification of notifications of our smartphone to prevent us having to use it , So that its non-implementation is a serious inconvenience to get real performance.

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