The Snapdragon 635 and 635 Plus, 14 nanometers for the mid-range that would arrive in 2018

Not long ago Qualcomm gave luster to its line of 600 mid-range processors. It did incorporating the Snapdragon 630 and Snapdragon 660 to its list of chips, although this last one took a different destiny in its DNA, to be part of the high ranges of the catalog. A fate frustrated by the erratic manufacturing process of the brand at 10 nanometers.

Now comes the first rumors about a pair of processors for next year, a pair that should enter the eastern manufacturing chains of the Americans at the beginning of the year to be marketable at a date still unknown, but located around the equator of the season. We talked about the Snapdragon 635 and Snapdragon 635 Plus.

A normal version and another “vitaminized”

According to information coming from China, Qualcomm would be preparing two new processors to give a new twist to its midrange. And thanks to its name we can assume that it will be the natural replacements for the Snapdragon 630 that was recently put into circulation, with the proviso that the new generation will arrive in duplicate.

Although apparently not a couple too different but rather a normal version and another overclocked, one that would have a normal model, the Snapdragon 635, 2.2GHz and 1.8GHz, and another Plus version somewhat faster, although it is unknown as far as it could go in terms of clock speed.

The data from China speak of a pair of eight-core chips built with 14-nanometer technology, which would ensure not only a balanced performance but a controlled energy consumption. These chips should form a trio with the Snapdragon 670 which has also slipped to the media and would arrive at 10 nanometers.

For now the only thing that is known of both chips is what we have discussed here. The supposed clock speed, equating to the Snapdragon 660, the technology with which they would build both and the approximate date of arrival to the market. There is no doubt that the advance of the high ranges up to 7 nanometers will leave a lot of space behind them, and this is where the midlines should dawn. An exciting 2018 is coming.

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