Renault sets new record for electric sales thanks to the latest update of the Renault ZOE

The sales of electric cars of Renault have taken in the last weeks a very positive aspect. So much so that last March the manufacturer reached its total registrations cap in 30 days, with 4,134 units distributed.

With this quota reached a new global record, something that they did not get since December 2015, when they touched the 4,000 units. Although the vast majority of these deliveries are due to the European market, we can not deny that the French manufacturer’s electrical division is in an optimistic age, thanks in large part to the latest update of the Renault ZOE with 41 kWh batteries.

We sensed it when we talked to you two months ago that the model had started the year unbeatable in its native France, selling there 3,500 units in less than two months. In March the Renault ZOE has followed the same trend to enroll in Europe around 3,800 units, which makes it one of the most sold electric models globally.

Of course, Renault’s electric share is still very small. We speak of only 1.54%, a figure that his partner Nissan doubles to reach 3%, as we told you recently. Nevertheless, the data that Renault shows in this 2017 are quite hopeful for the electric mobility and prelude of new and electric times.

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