Nvidia Titan Xp winks at Apple: there will be macOS drivers for its GPUs

In TechGIndia we have echoed the launch of the new NVIDIA Titan Xp, a graphics card that is a monster capable of holding 12 teraflops without messing with a bandwidth of 550 GB per second. And along with this release comes a more important for us: Nvidia will release drivers for its GPUs compatible with macOS.

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This will allow proper operation of Pascal cards on Macs, far beyond what any user with a hackintosh or eGPU box has achieved. For video editors who need maximum power and who are still waiting for the arrival of that new Mac Pro or a high-end iMac, is one of the best news they could have received.

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Will these high-power cards (and a prohibitive $ 1200 price) make it more likely to be on the Mac Pro of the future? If Nvidia is concerned about making them compatible with its controllers, I would not be surprised that from Cupertino offered the possibility of including it in that modular Mac Pro that we should see next year. Whether offering it as an official expansion or simply providing the necessary connector so you can purchase and install it independently.

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Be that as it may, it is still too early to start thinking about these things. At the moment we are glad that Nvidia has opened the doors of its cards of extreme performance to macOS, which will give a respite to both gamers and those who need as many teraflops as possible to take their videos.

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