Nubia Z17 mini, Camera Review: With double main camera for the best photos

The Smartphones are getting more and more improved, and they go so far as to seem that they simply have no limits, and for us this is simply fantastic, we will always have more innovation.

Today we will leave a little of the mold, we will deal with a Smartphone worthy of all praise, but we will not see its classic sections, we will leave it to the background in another opportunity, today we will focus on its main camera, which is a 13MP dual, , Dual 13MP, we are talking about the Nubia Z17 mini, a Smartphone with a camera for professionals and amateurs.

Nubia Z17 mini: Camera Features

The Nubia Z17 mini features a dual 13MP dual camera that comes with an IMX258 RGB color sensor accompanied by a second IMX258 MONO black and white sensor. There is also PDAF support and has an f / 2.2 aperture and EIS. This feature of dual camera is not a novelty, and we have savored it before in an excellent representative, as it is the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus, but nevertheless remains a quality little seen.

Nubia Z17 mini: How does the dual camera work?

Let’s begin by understanding how it works? We have 2 main cameras, each 13MP, what is interesting is how they show their functions simultaneously while maintaining a small touch of parallelism between them, each has its own function. The IMX258 RGB sensor takes care of everything that has to do with color in a photo, tonality, sharpness and quality, while the IMX258 MONO sensor takes care of the details of the photo, as are the contrasts and the shades of White and black.

This way, when taking a photo, each of the sensors work in parallel, and then combine both results for a common purpose, some photos with an exceptional quality, typical of a professional.

Nubia Z17 mini: Camera Functions

The camera comes with a custom NeoVision 6 image engine that offers a variety of shooting modes, manual control and full options. The main camera also supports real-time adjustments when switching to portrait mode. These settings refer to the degree of background blur, soft depth effect, f / 1.0-f / 16.0 aperture bracket, 3D photos and so on. With all these characteristics we open the door to an endless number of possibilities.

Daytime photos

We have the classic mode, in which we simply open the camera application and start taking photos, this time taking advantage of the day, natural lighting. Although any Smartphone with 5MP simple cameras can take decent photos taking advantage of the sunlight, so we must take into account how remarkable the Nubia Z17 mini camera in this circumstance, and the answer is simple, we will see below all The photos we have taken to draw our own conclusion:

Night photos

In this aspect is where many cameras begin to see the difference between one and the other, at night we do not have our good friend the sun to support us with their excellent lighting, so we will only rely on the artificial lighting that we have, But the camera of the Nubia Z17 mini still gives us excellent results, showing us that it has everything you need to set it as it should, then we will see a compilation of night photos where we will end up seeing its charm:

Clone objects in photos

Another possibility that gives us this camera with its functions is to be able to select an object in a photo previously taken to then copy or simply clone it, and once done we can place it where we want and how many times we want in a photo, getting Some very peculiar images that streak in the absurd, but very funny and original, the proof of it we present it to you with this fun set that we take:

3D Photos

When it comes to taking 3D photos we know that there are already good exponents like the Huawei P10, so again we are with a known function, but that is not surprising, since the Nubia Z17 mini adds a slight feature to this and is that We can take panoramic 3D photos, greatly improving our experience.

Black and White Photos

We have the possibility to take photos only in black and white, this is carried out thanks to the sensor IMX258 MONO, which takes care of the whole process of the photo, without the need to use the color sensor, so we will have a great effect In black and white, then we will show you some photos in which we can enjoy this style:

Weather Pictures

With this effect we can focus on a specific object and the rest of the photo will be blurred, giving the feeling that it is passing through time. An incredible effect that reflects without doubt the dedication on the part of the manufacturer to offer us great variety when it comes to enjoy this excellent product. Here are a couple of images with this effect:

A professional camera on a Smartphone

The main camera of the Nubia Z17 mini is designed to offer us a unique and varied experience, where we will have several effects, sections and results at the height of a professional camera. Thanks to its dual 13MP dual camera, one is dedicated to color and the other for black and white details, complementing in an incredible way, achieving first results. In other words a professional camera included in our Smartphone that even the most fans can enjoy.

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Where to buy it?

Recall that this camera is a Smartphone, so if we want to do with it we must acquire the Nubia Z17 mini, which is available on for the incredible price of $ 299.99. We will then present the purchase link in case you are interested in purchasing this jewel:

ZTE Nubia Z17 mini 4GB and 64 GB for $ 299.99
ZTE Nubia Z17 mini 6GB and 64 GB for $ 359.99

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