Microsoft blocks W7 and W8.1 updates on computers with Ryzen and Kaby Lake

Microsoft wants at all costs that Windows users will move to the latest version of Windows 10. With the arrival of new processors from AMD and Intel has found in them strong allies, since the processors Ryzen and Kaby Lake are not Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. That does not mean they do not work or that Windows can not be installed on a computer that uses them, but Microsoft has opted to block Windows updates on those systems.

Users who want to install security updates and features on these systems will receive the message that “the PC uses a processor not compatible with the version of Windows that is being used” – and those versions are 7 and 8. The Microsoft support page points to the same, and indicates that updates for the Kaby Lake, Ryzen and Snapdragon 820 processors – thanks to the new ARM processor support – are only available under Windows 10.

Vai- TechPowerUp

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