Some users of the Macbook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar suffer from keyboard problems

The MacBook Pro of 2016 with Touch Bar seems to have not had the best launch in the world. And in that case you did not have enough with the criticisms in its launch due to the high price, and in case you did not receive your due to the poor performance of the battery, now is the turn of the keyboard. According to several users, they are suffering major problems with the Apple laptop keyboard.

In the Apple support web have been opened various threads in which users are complaining about the problems of the new keyboard. Apparently, the main reason is the lack of consistency in the sound that the keys make when they are pressed. However, this is not as serious as other problems being encountered:

  • Different presses on each key: The MacBook keyboard is made to receive a certain uniform pressure on each key. This means that by performing a specific path each key will respond, and must be the same path in all keys so that the user does not experience an incoherent feeling. Apparently, some keys do not respond in the same way to the pressure.

  • Keys that do not respond to the keystroke: The most serious problem of all, some keys simply do not work when you press them, so you can not use them directly. Sometimes you have to press it several times until you respond.
  • Keys that perform double when pressed: What is worse for many, some keys are so sensitive that when pressed once they respond with two or three keystrokes.

What can you do in these cases? Best of all, contact Apple Support directly using Apple Support. You can do this either online or by attending a physical Apple Store. As the laptop is under warranty and being a demonstrable manufacturing failure, Apple will offer you the corresponding solution immediately.

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