IPhone 8: Hello USB-C and OLED Curve Display, Goodbye Lightning, say in the Wall Street Journal

Rumors about the iPhone 8 continue to pile up, but this time come from The Wall Street Journal, whose sources in the industry have revealed that Apple will make very important changes in the design and hardware of these models.

One of the most important innovations will be the integration of a curved OLED screen, an option that had been shuffled for some time, but also that Apple seems to be developing the iPhone 8 with USB-C connector, something that would remove the Lightning connector of the equation. A singular change, especially considering the love that the company has to its proprietary standards.

USB-C may not replace Lightning, but “add to it”

According to that newspaper the future iPhones would make use of that USB-C connector that already is protagonist in their MacBook and its new Macbook Pro, but it is strange that Apple renounces to a connector Lightning that to the proprietor made its control on this part of the design And the hardware was total.

The exact phrase is that, according to sources, “Apple would introduce other upgrades including a USB-C port for power cable and other devices and accessories instead of the company’s original Lightning connector.” The phrase seems clear, but what Apple is going to do is maintain Lighning, but change the USB-A used to connect the cable to the adapter for a USB-C.

This alternative seems less logical than switching to a standard that as USB-C already has widespread acceptance in the industry and it has become the preferred method for various connection interfaces (not only USB but also Thunderbolt 3 , For example) are integrated into our devices.

The change would also be singular considering that Apple eliminated the port of headphones in their iPhone 7 / Plus last year and offered both the AirPods as an adapter to be able to connect headphones with the 3.5 mm connector to the Lightning port. This new strategy would make those who bet on developing headsets with Lightning connector were orphaned and had to go to create peripherals based on the USB-C connector.

The news is affected by two other rumors that we have already talked about: the iPhone 8 – or at least one of its variants – will feature a curved OLED screen like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the curious thing is that these screens Will be supplied according to the WSJ by Samsung itself. In them, of course, the fingerprint sensor will be integrated, which will make the traditional TouchID sensor disappear from a lower frame that is expected to be much thinner.

Via | The Wall Street Journal

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