Huawei mobile payments come from China: they are already registered in the US

Huawei Pay, the Chinese payment service is ready for its global launch. The United States is the next stop, and it is already registered.

Huawei Pay is getting closer to being a global reality, and the next lucky one is the United States. It is already registered.

Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay … we can not complain that we are missing mobile payment services. And Huawei, the Chinese reference firm on Android is getting closer to seeing its own payment service running, Huawei Pay around the world. It is already registered in the United States, and needs some approvals to fully function. But there is little left for Huawei to standardize this service globally.

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Huawei Pay, registered in the US

Huawei Pay ready for global launch: registered in the United States

The Huawei payment service has your registration application already in the United States. This implies that as soon as both its application and its service itself are approved and pass through some further regulations, this service will be fully operational in the Old Continent. Although it will not be soon because it is expected to approve all the paperwork for 2018, which would leave out of place the possibility that the futuristic Huawei Mate 10 releases Huawei Pay outside China.

Of course this is expected to be resolved with an upgrade via OTA that gives Huawei Mate 10 Huawei Pay globally. Although there are some peros regarding this service. We know that the Chinese company wants Huawei Pay to be around the world, but to which Huawei mobiles will it arrive? Will Honor be compatible? Which banks will partner with Huawei and adopt this form of payment?

These are some of the unknowns so far. This petition was also processed a short month ago in India, so it seems that Huawei is putting a lot of haste in order for us to have this method of payment beyond China, in addition to taking into account that Mate 10 is around the the corner. Will it be able to make a hole in front of the existing alternatives? Only time will tell.

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