Google Lens, Assistant taken to the camera

We already know the first novelty of Google I / O: Google Lens. An application that takes the intelligence of the Google assistant to the camera of your mobile.

Do you remember Google Googles? An application of 2012 that takes us accompanying enough time and allowed us to know that we were looking or recognize QR codes. Google had left it quite abandoned but now shows us its successor, Google Lens.

Recognize and act with the information of your environment

Google Lens with a single photo is able to recognize that you are watching and offer you information about it. Along with this you will have Google Assistant who will give you options from that photo.

The full potential of Google is connected to Google Lens, allowing you to get information from a restaurant just by taking a photo of the facade, as it will take the information from Google Maps. But you will also be able to go beyond and access phone settings such as connecting to a WiFi network with just a photo of the name (SSID) and password.

If you go down the street and find the poster of a cinema with the schedule of a movie you want to see you can take a picture and Assistant will tell you if you want to add it to the calendar. This way you can add events with just one photo.

Improved artificial intelligence for recognition

Google’s artificial intelligence does not cease to amaze us, even in terms of image recognition. Google Photos was a great step forward allowing you to search for images by their content, without telling you what was in them.

Now, with Google Lens explain to us from Google an improvement in the functioning of their artificial intelligence. Until now, from similar images and by discarding, I was able to recognize that there was in an image.

Thanks to the improvements, Google’s artificial intelligence will be able to learn which traits identify each object or moment and from there to learn, by itself, that there is in an image, uniting those traits. A cake, a smile, candles … a birthday!

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