Geely to fill London with extended range electric taxis

Extended-range electric propulsion technology is proving to be the most practical for companies manufacturing the upcoming taxis that will be travelling around London. We have already seen Metrocab introduce such a model with a 12.2 kWh capacity battery, and today we have learned that Emerald Automotive, owned by the Chinese automotive group Geely (the ones that own Volvo control), is already testing a model Similar autonomy taxi extended under the name of TX5.

This is a somewhat compromised situation, as the next regulation that will take effect in 2018 requires that the next taxis have zero emissions engines. It will also add a new zone, no longer low emissions, but zero emissions to London, which will charge another surcharge added by access. With this scenario, the permissiveness for extended-range electric technology is proving its worth for taxi companies.

This is demonstrated by the agreements of the London taxi company (LTC) with the manufacturers that provide the models. In the case of Emerald and the Geely group, investment in London taxis will not be small. They are currently testing the prototype in the Arctic Circle, as they complete details of a new factory near Coventry with a capacity to produce 35,000 electric taxis per year.

Emerald has not revealed too many specifications of the model, only that will be able to reach the 50 kilometres of autonomy in exclusively electric mode, a figure that does not sound too revolutionary these days, but that will make London a somewhat greener capital.

Since LTC support extended-range electric cars argued that London recharging points are not prepared to host a fleet of 100% electric taxis. According to these, the idea is that the drivers of the next electric taxis only recharge the vehicle one day per day at daylight hours. On average, London taxis run between 250 and 450 kilometres, so the accounts tell us that zero emissions will be complicated to obtain. That yes, this renovation is already a big step.

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