Evernote is aimed at the fashion of the Touch Bar in its latest version

If you are one of those who can never separate from Evernote for your daily organization, today you are in luck. The latest version of the application includes support for the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro, offering more shortcuts to your tasks from outside the main screen.

In the new bar has added access to create a new note, quickly find content, add tags, assign colors with a slider bar and add annotations. Some of these actions already have keyboard shortcuts, but nothing like a shortcut at your fingertips to go faster.

Evernote: Tengas Touch Bar or not, update

Remember that to have this support of the Touch Bar you have to have the latest version of Evernote, 6.11. And it is advisable to update whether or not you have the new MacBook Pro, because a bug appeared in October last year that removed the attachments of some notes.

Evernote can be used for free with a space of 60 MB in its online storage, with the possibility of increasing to 1 and 10 GB of storage with additional advantages for 35.99 or 68.99 dollars per year.


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