Envavo Heatbuff, an infrared hand warmer for the most players

Those who use the keyboard of the computer and the mouse on a daily basis and you reside in cold places surely that in more than one occasion you have had to resort to some method to warm the hands, that tend quickly to the cooling with the consequent loss of mobility in the fingers .

Gloves can help but we lose sensitivity and comfort when writing or playing for long sessions. What can be done? From Envavo Heatbuff comes from Denmark, a curious invention whose mission is to keep our hands warm in winter.
It works by emitting infrared on our hands achieving a temperature of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and according to its creators without heating the keyboard or mouse. To do this you can adjust the heat output power between 2 and 300 watts, as well as the operating angle until you find the one that suits us best.

It connects to a conventional plug, so we will have to have another cable for the table, although its creators say that the operation is totally silent.

Envavo Heatbuff: Price and availability

Heatbuff is looking for financing on Kickstarter with the intention of going on sale in the coming months for a price of about 72 dollars, maybe something expensive for a hand warmer.

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