Sales of electric cars in the United States in 2017 augur a new annual record

The first third of 2017 is proving to be exceptional for electric mobility in the United States. In this month of May they will be able to offer up to 36 plug-in models and in increase in sales in the comparative by months it is already maintained for more than a year and a half.

In fact, with respect to 2016 registrations have increased a significant 42%, passing in four months from some 38,000 deliveries the previous year to more than 54,000 in the present. A start thus can only bring good omens towards the end of the year, and more taking into account certain aspects, such as the fact that sales continue to hold without leading manufacturers are at their peak delivery.

We refer mainly to Tesla. The manufacturer is currently in the process of preparing the production of the Tesla Model 3, and that is affecting the registrations of its current models, even though it has started the year by setting records.

This is why the Tesla Model S is no longer the best selling electric car of 2017 in April, in favor of the Chevrolet Volt. The two move this year above 7,000 units, but the registrations of the last weeks are affecting to the habitual tendency of the saloon of Tesla.

In fact, in General Motors have not stopped bragging this month of their potential with electric mobility, given that they have been in April the most plug-in manufacturer has sold. And while Chevrolet Bolt sales have improved ostensibly to 1,200 units last month, they still seem to be scarce for such a model. We will see if with the arrival of the Bolt to more states these continue in increase.

By contrast, the Toyota Prius Prime is the third model with more sales in the United States and the one that has harvested more in April, surpassing by a handful of units to the Volt (they have been 1,817 the Prime ones enrolled). Hence the other day we will tell you that it has real possibilities to become the best selling model of 2017 in the world.

Toyota Prius Prime threatens Nissan LEAF to become the best-selling plug-in in 2017

The other plug-in models have followed the trend to which we are accustomed, and although several hundred delivery by model seems little, the constancy of sales and the great supply and competition that exists in 2017 are allowing the market to follow a Promising expansion. And more, if we think that for this year we still have pending the next generation of Nissan LEAF and the irruption of the Tesla Model 3.

In April we can also highlight the arrival to the market of the Hyundai IONIQ and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, which we must keep in mind. Finally, we will tell you that the sales of the BMW 740e, another BMW premium plug-in model, is also starting these days in the United States, whose main novelty is that it has a lower price than its diesel equivalent, something that seemed unthinkable not so long ago.

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