Buick Velite 5, or how the Chevrolet Volt will hit China this year

On the eve of the Shanghai Salon 2017, General Motors’ Chinese manufacturer, Buick, will unveil the Buick Velite 5, which is none other than the brother of the current Chevrolet Volt. The Americans thus aspire to make a gap in the Chinese market with a local manufacturer, as mandated by the canons imposed by the Asian giant.

In fact, this is the second attempt of the Chevrolet Volt in China. Of course, the previous adventure of the first generation extended-range electric did not work too well. Now it looks like it will be different, and the main reason is the savings that will be made by the local manufacture of the model.

Buick also seems to have it clear, because they intend to start marketing next summer, months after its presentation.

The good news for the Chinese market has come a few days ahead, and is that the image of the model has leaked to the press much earlier. Despite the slight differences in design, there is no doubt that it is a Chevrolet Volt passed by the Buick filter. We will see how this works in China, after the present generation has revitalized sales of plug-ins for General Motors in the United States.

By the way, the ambition of the General Motors partner in China is not small, and they already think of continuing to collaborate to open something that is quite fashionable today: its own electric car battery factory.