The BMW i5 is far from resembling the BMW i3 (for many relief)

The future BMW i5 has returned strongly to the liederos of the electric mobility. If a month ago we told you that the German manufacturer had resumed the project and that there was already talk of a 100% electric with 400 kilometers of autonomy in real conditions by 2020, today we continue to attest to that flow of information that continues to live within BMW.

In that regard, the BMW blog says, according to several internal sources, the design of the BMW i5 will be very different from what we have seen so far for the i series. That is, it will move away from a revolutionary design as tried with the BMW i3, and will not come close to the sportiness of the BMW i8.

Rather, it will look similar to the conventional lines of BMW’s thermal models. As for its segment, it is also to be defined, although according to BMW sales chief Ian Robertson, the BMW i5 will be “bigger than small” and its next-generation battery pack “will have to be housed in a way that grants To the car certain proportions “. Hence even the words SUV or crossover are contemplated for the same.

In any case, it is becoming increasingly clear that BMW needs a new electric impulse not to be left behind. We do not say it, but ourselves. And is that after collaborating with Tesla, the Germans have joined their compatriots in trends “Teslofofas“. So we could define it taking into account that the company already celebrates an encounter with its employees in which it is said that BMW has lost the leadership in innovation and is alert, with photos of background Elon Musk, of the electrical assault that they are living.

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