The BMW i5 is (again) back in 2020

By 2017, BMW’s relationship with electric mobility has something of a paradox. On the one hand, they bet there for 2013 for a unique design and materials for their series i, and on the other hand, in all this time they have not wanted beyond that electric projection, being satisfied with setting their handsome and even readjusting their production.

Behind is the audacity of the rumors that surfaced a few years ago and which pointed to the electric family of the series i was going to grow soon. And now that we are approaching the next decade, we are back on the same track, with a BMW i5 that will arrive in 2020 with at least 400 kilometers of autonomy.

This is ensured by several German publications citing internal company sources. Apparently, BMW has reopened the folder of the BMW i5 and its 100% electric version. And not only that, it has also been talked about a version with hydrogen fuel cell, something that being realistic seems more complicated.

What is clear is that BMW has to some extent taken advantage of what has been achieved with carbon fiber. Its current technology could allow it to mount a battery pack, which with less energy capacity, achieve an autonomy similar to that of its competitors, as we have seen with the update of the BMW i3. The next decade therefore also seems to be the frontier that has been marked by the manufacturer for its real jump towards the electric car.

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