Apple’s augmented reality comes first to the iPhone and then to glasses

Augmented reality is Apple’s next step alongside artificial intelligence. However, we have never had a specific departure date until now. As reported by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, Apple will add augmented reality to the iPhone next year, and who knows, may eventually come augmented reality glasses.

Apparently, Apple has a secret team in charge of developing this technology for the company. Its members include both software and hardware veterans from Apple as well as augmented reality experts. All led by former Dolby Laboratories executive Mike Rockwell, and includes engineers who worked on Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s HoloLens in addition to Hollywood digital effects assistants.

How Apple’s Augmented Reality Will Work

One of the features that will bring Apple’s augmented reality will be the ability for the user to take a picture and subsequently change the depth of specific objects within the image. It will also be possible to isolate an object from the image and tilt it as the report indicates.

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Unlike what other virtual reality glasses do, Apple will not seek to engage the user in a virtual parallel world. And is that Apple seeks to play with augmented reality, that is, superimpose objects, images, videos and games in the real world, something similar to what makes HoloLens.

For all this, obviously will need a new operating system to run on Apple’s augmented reality glasses (? ArOS?) In addition to a dedicated chip like the AirPods or Apple Watch. Be that as it may, they will connect to the iPhone for most functions, in a manner similar to that of AirPods or Apple Watch.

When will we see all this? Possibly in a period of two years minimum, since as the report indicates, first will come the augmented reality to the iPhone and later to own glasses. Where Google Glass did not win, where HoloLens do not come, is where Apple bet. Tim Cook has said it on more than one occasion, the augmented reality is incredible, and in the future will be part of us.

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