It’s official, Apple is testing stand-alone cars in California

The iPhone has been Apple’s last major step in its history, however, this does not end here. With a mature sector with little chance of innovation, Apple is looking for new areas to expand. Now, it is confirmed what we all suspected, Apple is in the world of cars.

The California government has updated the list of companies that have permission to try self-employed cars in the state. In this list, Apple adds to other big companies like Google, Tesla or Uber. It’s a confirmation of Apple’s clear bet: the standalone car, either as a software platform, or with its own cars.

The agreement with Didi and the platform of the future

For years, Apple has been speculating that Apple is working on its own stand-alone car. However, it seems that this project has been great, as Bloomberg reported last year, abandoned the idea of a car to replace it with a platform with which to equip the cars of the future.

To this, we must add the alliance that Apple has with Didi, the Chinese transport service in which the company has invested one billion dollars. They recently opened offices in California, and this Apple partnership may be used to test stand-alone cars with Didi material in California.

As rumours have indicated for years, Apple has about 1,000 employees working on a secret project called Project Titan. This team, with Bob Mansfeld in charge, is in charge of developing the stand-alone car platform. We will see more details in the future, the first step is already given.