AMOLED Burn-in Fixer: This app removes “burns” from your screen

AMOLED screens tend to appreciate the quality of their colours and their pure blacks, but over time they often have visible marks and glitches with the naked eye. AMOLED Burn-in Fixer promises to fix these bugs. Is it true?

I am an avid fan of AMOLED technology screens, it is a fact. Its vivid and vibrant colours, its pure blacks dazzle me in the face of (boring and bland) IPS. Although they have their differences, one of the worst things about AMOLED is that, having those colours so saturated, over time they “burn“, that is, they remain visible marks on the screen of some interface used for a long time. It is a very annoying thing, and although there is no totally reliable method, there is an app that promises to fix them. This app is called AMOLED Burn-in Fixer, and we present it to you.

AMOLED Burn-in Fixer, a somewhat rare app

Right now I must use as personal mobile a Samsung Galaxy S4, that is to say, a mobile of 2013. As is normal, it has the typical “burns” own that have the AMOLED after long time of use. In particular, the letters of the keyboard and a greenish gradient are noted at the end of the screen. This happens to a lot of people, and I really hate it. If you looking for a solution, I gave this app. I already advance sincerely that it is not infallible and is not a “miraculous” app. But I can see that it helps the purpose.

Not infallible, but helps remove burns

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The interface is very, very simple. If we go to the right tab, we will see the screen in gray, so that we can easily detect what is right and what is wrong on the screen. Detected the faults, we go to the left tab and select if we want to fix or the status bar or the whole screen. In doing so, we put the colors inverted from the options and we give to “HIDE SETTINGS“. We leave the active screen without blocking for about 30 minutes and in theory should have been solved.

It works? Or is it a scam?

As I said, the screen on which I tested this application is quite burnt, so my final conclusions are that it works, but not instantly. That is, for punctual marks can work, since it is noted that the greenish degradation has decreased and the keyboard letters are not so noticeable. But with a pass has not solved the problem by far. It depends to a great extent on the use you give to this application, and whether the marks are very pronounced.

This is how Optical & Digital image stabilisation works

Would you recommend it? Well I think so, but knowing how to use it. I repeat, it is not an instantaneous or miraculous solution, but failing to test it for more days, should be used more than once and longer than 30 minutes to be able to see its effects on an AMOLED screen. It goes without saying that this application is completely useless in IPS panels, so if you have this type of panel and you have marks or faults on the screen, you should go directly to the technical service.

AMOLED Burn-in Fixer
Requires Android 5.0+

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