5,965 meters of altitude that continue to increase the legend of Honda Africa Twin

About a year ago, Honda rescued the words Africa Twin from his legacy. It is impossible not to know the relationship that Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin has with the adventure, especially if we look back and remember the Dakar Rally when it dominated for four consecutive years between 1986 and 1989.

To continue making history, Honda set itself the challenge of breaking, with the new Africa Twin, the record of highest altitude achieved by a motorcycle with two-cylinder engine. And he has achieved, has left the feat in the 5,965 meters above sea level.

Mud, gravel and snow did not stop the record

To achieve this they moved to the highest active volcano in the world, the Nevado Ojos del Salado, in the Andes mountain range, located between Argentina and Chile. In addition, it bears the title of second highest peak of the southern and western hemispheres, only surpassed by the Aconcagua.

A team of five pilots, with Fabio Mossini at the helm, was planted on the side of the volcano with the sole aim of breaking the barrier of the record. After five days acclimatizing to the environment, the team moved towards its objective and completed it in only 24h.

The enduro champion of the South American team of Honda was in charge of achieving the gestation on a Honda CFR1000L Africa Twin, equipped for the occasion with a set of accessories from the Honda catalog like the exhausts Termignoni, a revised final sprocket Metzeler MC360TM tires .

Finally, after going through all types of terrain such as poor asphalt, gravel, mud, sand or snow, and with temperatures reaching below zero degrees, the Africa Twin achieved its task and continued to increase its legend within The adventurous trail motorcycle category.

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Photos- Honda